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Always wanted to work for myself but never had the opportunity to start my own business. I had looked online at some franchise sites but they were way out of my budget. Then I found Teleteria Casino. They offered me my own casino sports betting site for 6000.00. I called them and asked a ton of questions to learn about the program. I got to speak to the owner Jay Servidio and he made me real comfortable explaining the process of the design and the marketing of the site. It took about 7 weeks to build the traffic to where I had players making bets. Made back my initial investment in less then 90 days and ordered another site. Its been just about a year and I have 8 sites running so far and there is no end in sight.

Thank you Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria Casino

Teleteria Casino Review - Greg R. Texas
I saw and requested their brochure. I had no idea I could have my own casino site and make money being the house. I was so excited to get into the business I called Jay Servidio directly and ordered the site same day. 2 months later I ordered 2 more. I just finished my 8th month and my sites are earning me an average of $17,000.00 a month in profit. I was making $45,000.00 a year and now its all changed. I cant tell you how happy I am that I made the investment and trusted Jay and the staff at Teleteria Casino.
Teleteria Casino Review Jake P. Illinois
I was very skeptical as I never did business with any company online. I followed Jay Servidio on I requested info from and immediately got a phone call from Jay Servidio. He immediately made me feel comfortable because he spoke to me like a regular person. Like an old friend. He explained how the sites made money and what my job was in driving traffic. With no experience I was able to get my sites listed on hundreds of online casino directories and use Facebook. The traffic started right away and were doing great. We are so grateful to Jay. I am so glad I trusted him with our savings.
Teleteria Casino Review Sheena B. Utah
I Love Teleteria Casino. No one ever helped me like these guys did. For a small investment I have ben abel to get back more then 10 times my money in 6 months. I read all about Jay Servidio before I did business. I knew online gambling made a lot of money so I requested info. I immediately got a phone call from Jay Servidio the owner of the company. He took the time and explained how the industry works. He explained how the sites work and how they generate money. After less then 2 months I made back my initial investment and thousands of dollars in profit. I love it and am so grateful for Teleteria Casino.
Thanks Jay
Teleteria Casino Review Harold B. Florida
I checked with the BBB and they have an A+ Rating, the highest available. That made me feel quite comfortable calling them and getting more infi. I read abut him on I did business with Jay Servidio and I am happy I did. So far I have made over $40,000.00 total on a $10,000.00 investment. I knew online gambling made money but I never dreamed I could get some of it. I am just saying. I LOVE
Teleteria Casino Review Christina T. Arizona
My husband has been an over the road truck driver for 20 years with not much to show for it. As far as I knew all the online opportunities were scams. I found and requested the info. I immediately got a call from Jay who was very enthusiastic about discussing the business, It took a bit of talking before I got comfortable enough to order a site and pay a deposit. They had the site done in 3 days and it looks awesome. I set up a Facebook page and started linking my site. I did whatever Jay and his staff told me to do and I made back my initial investment in less then 2 months. My site makes thousands of dollars a month for me and my husband is off the road for good!. Thanks Jay. Please add my testimonial wherever you like.
Teleteria Casino Review Tara K. Ohio
I have been online for months looking for a work from home opportunity online. I found a company that built casino sites and after speaking to the people who ran it I felt uncomfortable. Then I found Teleteria Casino through a franchise website and got to speak to Jay Servidio directly, Very enthusiastic about the business. I started with one site and quickly added another. People from all over the world play on my site and its awesome. I am so grateful for Jay and the staff at I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a real at home online business, Teleteria Instagram Page
Teleteria Casino Review Rudy D. Washington
I have been working a job I hate for over ten years and I need to earn more money. The problem how do I make more money when this job eats all my time. I have talked to some co workers about starting either an adult or casino site and I did some research. I found and called. Jay Servidio answered himself which was impressive. I told him I knew nothing about the online business and he explained how adult and casino sites work and how they generate money. I ordered a casino site and 2 months later I ordered 2 more. Jay gave me a great price. My sites generated over $27,000.00 in Super Bowl Sunday 2015 alone. I am so glad I got involved in this business and so very grateful for I follow Jay on

Teleteria Casino Review Laura S. Texas
I want to make money and I want to make it online from my house. Did the research. Contact Teleteria Casino and I trusted Jay and bought 2 casino/sports betting sites. I got a great price. 3 months later $100,000.00 income in one month. Super Bowl 2015 gave me enough money to buy to a real estate investment. I am going to do that again and again. I am doing it with the sites from Teleteria. Thank you Jay Servidio and the staff at Please follow the and
Teleteria Casino Review Maria G. New Jersey
Lost my job my husband and about to lose my home. Something has got to change. I was thinking about getting an adult site but after I talked to Jay Servidio he explained to me that casino sites make a whole lot more money. Jay took the time to talk to me himself which really made me feel comfortable. I gave my last $5000.00 to get started and what a great idea it was. My first year I did over $100,000.00 and got more sites. Its terrific and easy to manage with the admin page that tells me all my stats. I get paid on time every time and Jay and staff are there to help with all my questions. You should also follow him on
Teleteria Casino Review Megan W. Ohio
Lost my factory job and cashed in my savings. I trusted Jay Servidio and after talking to him ordered a site.I read alot online
I read the posts the good and the bad and I read the BBB where they have an A+ rating, the highest rating available. The deciding point for me was on a Skype call when I looked Jay right in the eyes and listened. In less then 60 days I made ALL my money back and ordered more sites. I put on ten pounds from eating out too much. I guess thats my biggest complaint. I am so grateful to and Jay Servidio. I follow them on and
Teleteria Casino Review Joseph P. South Carolina
Single mom raising a kid on my own with high school education. Tougher and tougher to make ends meet. Health care is killing me It sucks. I felt so helpless with no future. Online gambling. is all the guys talk about so I looked into it, Fortunately I found a company that is the leader in the business on I requested a brochure and spoke to Jay Servidio directly. I called and emailed him for 3 weeks before I got started. They built me a casino site with sports betting and after 4 months I made back my initial investment and a nice profit. My site earns over $4500.00 profit a week now and I just ordered 3 more sites to grow. Jay told me to grow slowly so I dont get overwhelmed. He always gives me great advice. I love him and his staff and highly recommend them to all who want a real change. You can follow them on
Teleteria Casino Review Patty G. Oklahoma
I have been a client of for 2 years. I started with one site and now have ore then 10. All sites linked together and sharing traffic, just like Jay Servidio told me when I first requested a brochure and talked to him on the phone. I dont understand the negative posts. I did what was told and it worked out just fine. I would recommend to anyone who wants to make money online. So far my sites have made over $550,000.00 in two years. You want a revenue stream call Jay Servidio and follow him on Stop wasting time and get involved.
Teleteria Casino Review Louis Y. New Hampshire
My wife and I wanted to make money online. We got an email from a franchise site and checked out a company called Teleteria Casino. We spent hours doing research online and and kept coming up every time we searched. We called right away and asked lots of questions. Jay and the staff could not have been more polite and professional. We felt comfortable and trusted him almost right away. He is a fast talking New Yorker so we were guarded at first. We started with 1 site and within 6 months have 5 more. In just over 9 months we made over $130,000.00 mostly from the sports betting. We highly recommend Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria to help you navigate the Internet and you should follow them on
Teleteria Casino Review Mr & Mrs Rodney T. Rhode Island
Online gambling and sports betting? I never did it and dont know how to. But, I know how to make money off it. Teleteria Casino and Jay Servidio showed me step by step exactly how to get started and make it happen. Its been 18 months now and last month my sites over $30,000.00. How many people are making that all year and I did it in 30 days and will do more next month with more sites. Thank you and please add my review to
Teleteria Casino Review Ari H. Washington DC
Bad education means bad jobs and a life of struggling to get by. Until I did some work online and found a company I could trust to help me get ahead. I didnt have the full $6000.00 to get started so Jay offered me a pay plan. Its been a year and I dont have a bad job no more. I work online and make my money from home and live my life. I live better now then ever and I get to give my wife and kids more then ever. Big smiles all around my house. and follow them on

Teleteria Casino Review Stanley A. Michigan
I saved $15,000.00 to start a business. Took my 2 years to save it. I found a company with great credentials and lost $10,000.00. The guy never returned my calls after he took my money. Then I found Teleteria Casino through a franchise site. I called the franchise site first and they said they had zero complaints about them. I called and spoke to Jay Servidio. He explained it all to me. I read all the info and watched the videos. I ordered a site and followed the marketing plan perfectly spending about 15 hours a week working on it. After about 6 weeks I noticed traffic going up and people starting to bet on my site. I made back my initial investment in less then 9 weeks. I love it. The money is huge and Jay and the staff are a great support and on
Teleteria Casino Review Morgana U. Tennessee
I got online in 1995. At the start of the net and consider myself progressive online. However, I did not know much about online gambling other then it made lots of money.
I watched answer question after question and it was obvious he really knows his stuff. I made over $35,000.00 USD. I have since had several of my friends get involved and we share traffic. Read about him on and follow Jay Servidio on for updates. I highly recommend to everyone who needs a rev stream online.
Teleteria Casino Review David B. Canada
I got robbed by some turn key casino site got angry. I then found Teleteria Casino and told him what happened. He asked me how much I lost which was 1500.00. He then said he will take 1500.00 off the price of his package and that I could pay that back when the site made at least that much in profit. NO one ever offered me a deal like that and I took it. I ended up paying it back in less then 90 days. What a shock to do business with someone who gave me such a great deal. I love Jay Servidio and Teleteria Casino. Follow on and go to Vegas every time he is there to have dinner with him and catch up. Thank you
Teleteria Casino Review Lisa T. Nevada
Always had god jobs but I wanted more. Tired of working for other people. I found and after reading about them I started with 2 sites. I didnt have all the money so gave me a deal over time. I made over $22,000.00 in the first 4 months paid off the sites and ordered 5 more. I love my life and love the freedom I have now working for myself. I could not have done it without and I follow them on
Teleteria Casino Review Tony N. New Mexico
$55,000.00 a month profit! I trusted Teleteria Casino and got involved and am glad I did. My life has changed and the lives of my family have changed immensely. gave me the support every step of the way. I read about him on and follow him on and you should too. Please feel free to use my review at anytime.
Teleteria Casino Review John B. Wyoming
I dont know if will use this review. I found him a typical fast talking New Yorker BUT my sites make money so I am grateful for him and the staff at It took just over 2 months for my sites to start making money. Month 2, $5700.00. Month 3, $8900.00. Month 4, $14,700.00. Month 5, $22,300.00. I ordered 5 more sites and I love and follow them on You need to get with Jay Servidio and get started NOW. Why wait? Dont make the same mistake I did.
Teleteria Casino Review Franco L. California
I love Jay Servidio!
Typical start.Called and spoke to Jay. Felt him out and got to know him. Hes a very open guy. and following him on I ordered one casino package and 4 months later when I made back my initial investment I ordered 2 casino sites. 2 months later I generated over $60,000.00 in revenue. Thank you NFL! If I didnt take the chance with Teleteria I would still be stuck in a dead end job. I highly recommend Teleteria and more importantly I recommend you stop reading these reviews and call and get started.
Teleteria Casino Review Rex B. Colorado
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